Jobbik называет украинский режим шовинистическим

Jobbik называет украинский режим шовинистическим

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Венгерская правая партия Jobbik - За лучшую Венгрию (вторая по величине фракция в парламенте страны) выпустила обращение, в котором киевская хунта называется нелегитимной и шовинистической:

Jobbik: "The new Ukrainian government is chauvinistic and illegitimate"

Jobbik demands the Hungarian government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take measures in order to protect the Hungarian ethnic minority in the Lower Carpathian region. Jobbik also points out that the West is using the current cold war-like situation to expand its sphere of influence to the East.

Jobbik is worried to see the Ukrainian crisis, but the party also condemns the hypocritical behaviour and political maneuvering of the Atlantic forces. The corruption of the Yanukovich government and the bad policies of the Party of Regions clearly had a role in the outbreak of the revolution, but the financial, political and intelligence machinations and provocations of the West were equally responsible.

Márton Gyöngyösi says the West is hypocritical to present Russia, who has been holding back in spite of their fears for the Russian minority in Ukraine, as the main culprit while the first action of the new government that enjoys the support of the West was to cancel the language act, giving a foretaste of the chauvinistic Ukrainian politics to come.

Jobbik considers the interim government illegitimate. Márton Gyöngyösi said the current situation was yet another act of the orange revolution of 2004, a new stage of the geopolitical struggle between the Washington-Brussels axis and Russia.

The West aims to expand its sphere of influence further to the East, reaching beyond Central-Eastern Europe, which they already bought up and exploited - pointed out Márton Gyöngyösi. He added that military conscription must be stopped in the Lower Carpathians, and the human rights of the minorities must be ensured, since Ukraine cannot do so on its own. Full regional autonomy must be guaranteed for the Hungarian and the Ruthenian ethnic minority as well - he said.

Jobbik calls upon the Hungarian government to abandon its 25-year-old submissive attitude to the West and stand for the ethnic minorities, focussing on the national interests.

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